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Microbes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Many groups at the Univesity of Wisconsin-Madison work on relationships, both pathogenic and beneficial, between microbes and their hosts. These three groups are housed in the beautiful Microbial Science Building.

Microbes in Health and Disease Training Program

Humans have evolved to live with microbes: to defend against those that harm us, and maintain those that are beneficial. Microbes too have evolved diverse metabolic activities that allow them to thrive in a wide variety of habitats and in association with all living creatures. The result of this coordinated evolution is a spectacular diversity of interactions between microbes and the world, and a diversity of ways in which microbes affect our lives. Our expanded program is designed to train students and postdoctoral fellows in the use of cutting-edge tools to investigate the microbe-animal interface and microbe contributions to human health and disease.


Symbiosis Cluster

The microbial symbiosis community at UW-Madison has positioned itself on the cutting edge of symbiosis research. Over twenty laboratories, including four faculty hired as part of the Symbiosis Cluster, are exploring beneficial microbial symbiosis in plants, animals, and biofilms. This interdisciplinary group brings together numerous faculty and students from departments and schools across the university. Symbiosis activities include monthly seminars, journal club, and a manuscript review, as well as a yearly symbiosis-related conference. Please join us as we delve into the spectaculary diversity of interactions between microbes and the world!

University of Wisconsin-Madison
1550 Linden Drive
Rm 1336 Dept of Medmicro
Madison, WI 53706-1521

Phone: (608) 890-2101
Fax: (608) 262-8418